This blog simply collects, in convenient form, the posts I've done so far on Jersey (CI). You should read them from the top down as the later ones overtake some aspects of the earlier ones.

There are no labels, and I have not reproduced the comments from the original posts. I have closed the comments here to avoid confusion between these posts and the original posts on photopol. Comments can be left on the original posts on photopol. Each of the posts here has a link at the bottom to the original post. This should open in a new tab.

The blog list on the right is not comprehensive. It consists of the main blogs I follow to keep up to date on developments in Jersey. I have added in Stuart Syvret's new blog. Erlan Verhoten's blog, linked in some of the posts, is now redundant. The last three blogs on the list, The Jersey Way and Trevor Pitman's two blogs, are no longer being updated but I have left them there for reference.