Thursday, 25 October 2012

Un Fricot

I know about France. And I understand La Francophonie. But this one has me beat.

The mission of the French Institute (Alliance Française) is to spread the French language and culture (Langue et Civilisation Française). That I know too.

So, when I go to the Institute's restaurant (La Cocotte) I generally expect to see French dishes, and when I see a revolving sequence of regional dishes (Plat Régional) I certainly expect these to be French.

Today's plat régional is from Jersey, and despite it's chequered history, Jersey is British. That is to say, it belongs to the HM the Queen.

However, as far as the French are concerned it is clearly being claimed as part of that empire which we will call La France Gastronomique.

Time for Les Crapauds to man the Martellos.

The Frogs are on the march. Again.

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