Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A different kind of Jersey

Elections to the States (parliament) of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency are due on 19 October next and nomination meetings are currently under way. The election promises to be an interesting one and some of the candidates are already out of the traps, as illustrated by the above comments on yesterday's nomination meetings for Senator.

The above illustration is taken from the blog of Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret, who will be contesting the election. The Ex-Senator's history is too long to go into here. Suffice it to say that he was sacked as Health Minister for attempting to open the can of worms that is the cover up of child sex abuse in Jersey. He is now dragging the present administration through the courts en route to Strasbourg.

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Ex-Senator Syvret has now published the evidence which the court had declared inadmissable in the course of his "public interest" defence against the charge of having illegally and publicly named a male nurse who was suspected of being a serial killer and who may have murdered a number of the Ex-Senator's former constituents.

The States of Jersey claimed that the "public interest" disclosure provision in the legislation did not apply in this case because the enquiry (1999) into the behaviour of the nurse in question had been complete and matter was closed. Syvret's naming of the nurse was therefore an offence under the data protection legislation.

When Syvret then obtained disclosure of relevant documentation which showed that the enquiry had been anything but complete and appeared to have been prematurely wound up, the authorities declared the disclosed material and Syvret's expert's report thereon, inadmissable in evidence. The local Jersey court upheld this bizarre view.

The evidence clearly blew the authorities' case out of the water, which is why they could not afford to have it admitted in court. So why did they disclose it to Syvret in the first place. Simple, they handed it over without having read it. Then they panicked.

So Syvret had no choice but to abandon the corrupt local court system and head for London. He didn't have much success there, due to the close links between the UK and Jersey establishments and because the UK judicial and political system was frightened to death of opening up a can of Jersey worms which, inter alia, could ultimately have serious implications for a significant element of the UK financial sector. Not to mention the reluctance of Jack Straw, the responsible UK minister, to do his duty and take a stand for justice.

The Jersey administration then used Syvret's flight to London to smear him for having "abandoned his constituents". They have now accused him of being responsible for some £400,000 of Jersey taxpayers' money which THEY spent in what can only be described as a campaign of harassment and defamation.

The pace is clearly quickening in the run up to the forthcoming October election in Jersey.

You can read the disclosure evidence here.


You can see a very succint summary of the present position in this comment. It is also worth reading the post to which it applies. It follows revelations which blow a complete hole in the Establishment's supposed justification for the sacking (suspending) of the Chief of Police, the subsequent maligning of his retired Deputy, and the earlier sacking of the Health Minister - all in an effort to avoid and subsequently cover-up exposure of institutional child sex abuse.

Just to remind you also that Ex-Senator Syvret, the former Health Minister, has just emerged from serving a two month prison sentence which effectively arose out of his efforts to expose the ongoing cover-up, though technically imposed for other reasons.

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